The Baroque city of Würzburg

The Baroque city of Würzburg

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ocated along an important waterway, the Main, which connects to the famous Rhine River - Great Wine.

One big attraction is the Würzburg residenz.

Royalty along with their horse carriages were brought directly into the building and then escorted up these stairs.

Can't take the credit for the photo.

It was a great visit but a COLD one.

Going down the narrow staircase for a drink in a local bar, modern music bounced off ancient wooden beams and landed in the topped off chilled glasses of White Wine and Beer.

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Guests are tucked away in every tiny corner, huddled over small open fires and candlelight.

I tried hard to re-create the space's charm through a sketch or two. Really liked the variations of seating arrangements.. some up in a loft space, others down low.

Olivia Ley