Wilkommen..... to our new German "City" apartment and my experiments in photographing with a "Fish Lens". . . .

Our front door.

The window on the left looks into our kitchen. So European.

Just make sure to keep your towel handy . . . .

The birdie key chain doubles as a whistle to ward off anyone suspicious.. or in the small city of Gießen Germany's case, ref an impromptu soccer game. More fun Qualy products can be found



The green paint color's name is: Olivia. The color takes most by surprise and they say it's a little quirky... green and orange a running theme

David's and his dad built the high table. Perfect for morning coffee. The bowl in the foreground was a wedding present from Alessi. More fun products can be found


We enjoy Cocottes. Mini meals in cute colorful pots. We've made everything from fancy French soups to giant cupcakes. More cuteness can be found



The print on the left green wall was a wedding gift. The color just happens to match perfectly.

"Wo ist die Toilette?" a phrase every visitor to Deutschland should learn.

Anthropologie bowls. Yes, I brought them over with me from the US..

Our coffee table. The Germany picture book doubled as our guest book at our wedding and a great keepsake that's handy in planning our next road trip.

This treasure chest is older than the US. Like a lot of stuff over here in Europe. Old old stuff allways fascinates me as an American.

The desk's price was 15 Euro. We bought the Saw Horses, a piece of finished particle board, and covered the desk's legs with wrapping paper. Note placement of bird.

Here's a view out our front window; note the intricately carved column.

The buildings outside all have orange accents that are nice to compliment our orange interior.