I did an internship at a Ligne Roset/Dedon showroom this spring. All in German.

Design, imagination, and language are close.

This sketch shows the parts and pieces that combine to form...

This wall decoration which comes in some surprising colorways.

A glass top shows off the geometric base of this side table.

This sofa is two parts. Its name is Confluences.

Different heights, lengths and endless modularity. You can add a third if you dare.

A happy accident occured on the elevation. On the other side of the page is....

Flax the lounge chair. It looks great in wood.

This guy is cute. His name is Pop and he comes in bright colors.

Three of them would look great in a lobby seating area.

Facett looks to me like an origami piece.

Constructed with colorful stitching, the structure is enhanced.

This couch, Togo, is one of the classics from Ligne Roset from the 1970s.

It's made entirely out of foam. Drawing it is anyone's guess.

Togo Version for kids


I did this sketch of the showroom inspired by some work by Pierre Paulin.

This occasional table may need more explanation. Click



A light solution that hovers over seating. A bit more organic than the usual.

Plan/Elevation study of Modular Bookshelf System- Clouds hang above

"Book and Look "Shelving design keeps the eye interested with jumps and shifts.

I find Mod Box more masculine. Same designer as Book and Look.

And now for Dedon.

This outdoor furniture's woven material is synthetic, so, weatherproof.


withstands the elements for years but woven in a beautiful, hand-made way.

The material for the furniture is produced in Germany then woven in the Philippines.




The three pieces to the right are stacked to create the puzzly mass on the left.

two of these

and two of these

plus a table


Obelisk contains four lounge chairs thoughtfully stacked together.

Lots of lounge furniture options. My favorite, however is