Bauhaus Modell

I was in the model-making department of a German toy store, earnestly admiring their selection of faux foliage for train landscapes when I thought...

maybe it is time to start working again.

Here is what my free time looked like this week.

Last week in Berlin I bought a template to build my own Bauhaus-style family model home.

It can be tedious and challenging to model make, especially when the instructions are not only in German but OLD German language that not even your native German Husband can translate.

It was proof that visual Design is a universal language.

To see a form built before your eyes is always exciting to me.. even if it is scale is tiny.

Learn more about the history of Bauhaus Design


Learn more about Bauhaus Archiv Museum in Berlin


Most of it is in German. . . viel spaß!

Olivia Ley