Bardenburger tor metro graphics.

Bar on the river.

Lots of graffiti.

Waiting for the train.

"Better to be a Lion for one day, than a sheep your whole life."

You see that car, right?

Abandoned warehouse now used as a dance club. It was still going strong at 9 AM.

I don't think I'm cool enough to actually live here,

but what an eccentric weekend.

A little more complex than DC's rail system.

But at least you can bring your coffee on.

Kreuzburg. East Berlin.

Of course, McDonalds.

Lots of new development around here.

Checkpoint Charlie.

Apple's great on so many different scales.

Berlin Feresehturm.


Train station.

Things dress up around the Stadt Mitte.

Bundestag and Modern Art Museum.

Bauhaus love.

Night life. . .

Kreuzburg's Oranienstrasse at night.

Lamp specialty shop.

I liked the chaos.

Olivia Ley