zu Hause

Its Christmas Time at the Ley House. . . .

Advents Candle Wreath. A must in Germany.

This was the best depiction I could get of how fun view is out our window.

.... but here's what goes on every evening in December. I love it.

Cool jars of fake snow and a Hershey's Ornament.

Piano Glam Shot.

A game of memory from Maharam makes our guest room playful.

I discovered Masking Tape in fun colors. And used it lots of places including this stool.

... and to cover up our fuse box. Note the Mistletoe.

Our Advents Calendar scales the wall.

Wrapped all my gifts in Newspaper with pinecones and of course Masking Tape...

Our nice friends delivered David's Piano to us as an Anniversary Gift.

Its really hard to capture how cool our town looks outside our windows at night... all lit up.

Artwork from friends.

Christmas Dinner Spot.