Das Haus Projekt

In Cologne last week, I fell in love with the installation house done by Doshi Levien and attempted to capture some of its beauty in some sketches....

The pipe is instead of a faucet... and the bowl it falls into instead of a sink.

'Das Haus is a living space that has evloved incrementally over time; some parts of it are newer than others, some materials and textures more worn....' - Doshi Levien

Marshmallow Stool. The Green wall, an Indian jaali, was repeated through out the space.

A detail of a fabric pattern on a couch.

Shower/Kitchen/Yoga Room/Lounge

'Our idea of a perfect house is one that is never complete' - Doshi Levien

But you must go


to see some really great sketches. I love the abstracted yet technical quality to them.

DESIGNOlivia Ley