Köln Einrichtung Messe

The Cologne Furniture Fair is Huge. You really need at least two days to see it all.

Color exhibit Design Boards made me miss Studio.

Oversized Lamps.

B and B Italia.

I want to make this basket.

Work from the Philippines.

Woven Room Divider

Leather Shag Rug. Text imprinted salvaged wood.

Feathers in the Bathtub.

Recycled Soap bottle doubles as a Flower Vase.

More inspiration.

Bright Colors.

Interesting bench solution.

Lots of weaving....

Interesting textures....

Award-Winning Innovations..

Fabrics with pockets...

Das Haus

Project was my favorite.

Couch by Doshi Levien.

A post on just

Doshi Levien

to come. I am in love with their approach to design.


DESIGNOlivia Ley