'Studienreise' Marocco

My Architecture Firm took us to Morocco for four days.

It was so nice to have a break from the below zero temperatures here in Germany.

The Airport is so modern and welcoming.

We saw Mosques.

Interesting Doors.

Spices, Spices, Spices.

Hand woven Rugs.

Old, New, Newer.

Hand-made saffron soaps.

In Love.

Beautiful Atriums that look toward the heavens.

Busy Busy Streets.

Made in Morocco.

A man was making these baskets in the next street corner. Blow torch and all.



Oranges Galore. And fresh pressed juice every morning at breakfast.

One lucky wife's ceiling.

Palace Courtyard.

The ornate detailing....

I did do some shopping and haggling and got ripped off but then that is all part of the fun.

Getting the family off to work and school.

Designer Yves Saint Laurent bought the Marjorelle Gardens a while back.

This color was made famous from its use at the Gardens. Hence the name Majorelle Blue.

Hotel Rooftop napping area.

Seaside Lunch. Looks like Greece to me.

This Blue!

Coffee Spot. With a live violinist.

Also a guy who tried to show him up playing two notes on his own instrument and shouting 'Need Money' (two notes more) 'Please give it' (two notes more) 'Pretty Girl'.

Stray Cats are everywhere and adorable.

There was MINT TEA as well.

Fantastic. Fantastic. Fantastic.

DESIGNOlivia Ley