South of France... Part One

I fell in love with the South of France. . . 

our tiny cottage house's blue shutters....

and outdoor porch with plenty of candles for evening chats.. 

notice the terracotta roofs juxtaposition to the green vinery 

 the slit windows at the main dining area made for an interesting atmosphere

the tall skinny trees that bow lightly in the Mistral breezes.. 

...we woke up to the smell of lavender growing outside of our two person cottage ...

we retreated out for a little sight seeing... like to the village of Nîmes

their colloseum looked surreal against the blue sky 

as well as the city of Uzès... 

with castles whose walls echoed chior music from the adjacent church.. 

and the town square whose lounge chairs invited visitors to enjoy a glass in the warm weather