France... Part two

We did a fair amount of sight seeing in Provence.. 

and visited local farmer's markets. This one was tucked behind a winding gravel road. .

Little tiny Streets that wind and have such history (Picture courtesy of my father-in-law) 

He took amazing photos of our vacation home.. 

Including our little cottage that was off to the side of the main property.. 

and housed our new purchases. I liked the writing desk. 

This kitchen was my favorite spot in the house.  Note the old ice chest converted into a fridge. 

We didnt eat in here because the terrace dining was so nice this time of year. 

Corner seating. Pool towels. 

Pieces, like this old door, really made it feel like we had stepped back in time for a week. 

Indirect lighting heightens the drama of the stone wall in the master bath. 

This bedroom was once a stall for animals.. hence the water trough in the background. 

The bedroom doors open directly onto this terrace 

Big barn doors that close the property off from the quiet farm road and vineyards beyond. 

This piece had tons of wood engraving that reminded me of Morocco. 

I liked how our pool's water color was natural and fit to the setting. 

ah.. to be back in Provence! 

DESIGNOlivia Ley