Vienna, Austria Photos

Here are my observations from Vienna, Austria. A beautiful city... 

The local Apotheke has a humorous way of creating with empty Pill Containers. 

Sketches from me to come from this Architect,


Work. In the building itself, the floor was uneven. Here is his explanation why... such an artist. 

Chai tea at the Nasch Market. 

Lederhosen for sale at the flea market. 


amazing food as well at the 'Nasch' Market. 

St. Charles Church's 

dome frescoes were recently renovated.. 

...and they kept up the scaffolding and elevator that was put in place to execute the work... that tourists could also enjoy the experience of being up close with these historical paintings. 

The thing did start to sway when we got up there... but we made it down ok. 

A window ledge at the very top. Great place for an offering.  

Of course schnitzel is big. We had ours at the Austrian version of Denny's restaurant. 

We ended our trip with a concert at the Orangery, part of the Schönbrunn Mansion where Mozart himself once played.  

DESIGNOlivia Ley