The city of Luxemburg is beautiful, especially in the fall. 

Here is the Grand Ducal Palace where the Grand Duke performs most of his duties. 

Since a recent expansion of the palace, a glass bridge connects the more traditional conference area (where the occasional leopard printed pattern pops up

), to the more modern spaces,  which includes a sleek new bar where the Grand Duke has his pint. 

Charming art-deco details fill the streets... and always capture my attention.  

I love the neutral overall building color scheme with the intense tiny points of detail.. 

The exterior tile-work makes this ordinary stucco facade more interesting.  

The streets were so clean. . 

Luxemburg reminded of a mix of both Paris and Vienna's architecture styles.   

One saw the two cities collaborating when it came to their exquisite array of pastry and coffee shops. . . 

offering both decadent French caramel-coffee eclairs alongside the famous Viennese


It was therefore, also a bit