European Central Bank

The European Central Bank is constructing its new premises on the former Großmarkthalle (wholesale market) site in Frankfurt am Main. 

We got to tour the construction site to see the work in progress.  Since the two towers twist as they rise, this middle support beam system is crucial. 

Drawing a building that is under construction allowed me to learn how the building pieces come together. 

The skyscraper is just one portion of the new ECB; the site itself incorporates an existing historical building element... 

Here is the historical wholesale market piece, which was built between 1926 and 1928 and served as a central location for the buying and selling fruit to Frankfurt and the entire Rhine-Main region. 

The historical piece will accomodate a food court and other public functional facilities, as well as a memorial to commemorate the Jewish citizens of Frankfurt, who were assembled here in the market before being deported during WWII. 

The new portion hovers directly behind, connected with a conference center piece that cuts through the historical piece in one location.  Lots of paperwork and discussion with historical preservationists were necessary for this decision. 

The site sits on the Main River. Here you can see the bridge in the background.   

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DESIGNOlivia Ley