Euro Chic

I had the chance to volunteer my design services to a German Christian High School. 

The goal was to create a coffee bistro that was modern and fresh, inviting the students to stay around during the optional lunch periods and breaks instead of hanging out at the local McDonald's. 

The wooden bar was built according to my CAD drawings by a talented teacher/carpenter of the school.

The stools were found online and added a fun punch. 

The bar was a great way to separate the sitting area from the rest of the cafe. 

The wall graphic was designed in photoshop. With an overhead projector and masking tape, two students and I marked the areas and painted them green. 

My dear friend, also a teacher at the school made the hats... that is her son.

Pictures courtesy of my father-in-law, Wolfgang Ley 

DESIGNOlivia Ley