We were in Kassel in August for

Documenta (13)

 and made a trip again six months later to visit a dear friend. 

We visited the Bergpark, inspired by a design from an Italian architect, and home to the famous

Hercules Monument

, where the famous 300 year-old water feature begins its descent. 

The waterfalls wind and flow past such features as the devil's bridge... 

...until the water feature, which relies on natural pressure from reservoirs and manually opened underground pipes, comes to a calming halt at a peaceful lake in front of an impressive castle.

Modern art dots Kassel's landscape, here in the form of a giant metal frame, which highlights Kassel's Baroque-inspired architecture. 

Kassel's Orangerie is alive and well in the summer months, and its terrace available for dining and coffee drinking. The interior is used today as an astronomy and physical cabinet.