When we first moved into this apartment complex in our new home of Miami, it felt very foreign, and it was cloudy and drizzling.The sun was shining on the complex on Mapquest. The chipping paint not so visible on Mapquest. No water bottles floating in the pool on Mapquest. 

 We drove up jet-lagged from the long trip from Germany in a taxi with our four suitcases of essential belongings in high anticipation of this place that we were legally bound via our lease to call home for at least six months, never having seen it in person. 

A month later, we find it very charming here and our predominantly spanish-speaking neighbors polite and the children very well-behaved, taking out the trash and training for the soccer team on the green lawn, a caring dad on the steps looking down below calling out pre-determined drills, which they obediently follow with determination.

On a day where you can sit in under the cabana and a breeze comes in and you are drinking green tea, things have a bright perspective. We know we are right where we are supposed to be. 

Watercolor inspired by

rob carey